medical softwareHealthcare Software is one of the foremost crucial industries worldwide and is growing speedily over the last decade. Companies thrive on providing the simplest attainable care, but they face challenges in terms of improving the quality of care delivered, managing the operations, enhancing worker productivity, reducing human error and reducing costs. Healthcare software Consulting features play a major role in terms of achieving higher quality patient care, reduce the cost of care for both healthcare providers and consumers, shorten the time to deliver and receive care, and even provide increased patient autonomy in Healthcare Software solutions. For potency and accuracy within the field of attention, you wish an efficient software resolution.  Thus, NxProCloud will offer you with the custom solutions containing the tools you wish, assist you to avoid time period and permit for straightforward access and convenient reportage.


Our professional’s team provides alliance for eRx platforms & e-prescribing software providers, including Allscripts, DrFirst, NueMD, DoseSpot, and more.

  1. ELECTRONIC PRESCRIPTION SOFTWARE:- We build e-Prescribing organization for protected transmission of e-prescription of EPCS and medical tests requests between pharmacies, imaging centers, healthcare providers and more.
  2. EHR AND eRX SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS:- Verify patient authorization and avoid adverse drug interactions with our custom coordinated e-prescription organization with Electronic Health and Medical Record (EHR/EMR) databases. We also develop custom eRX and RCM modules to integrate into any healthcare software application.
  3. DECISION SUPPORT AND e-PRESCRIBING SOFTWARE:- We develop eRX curriculum to integrate into Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software for the opinion of allergy, food, drug, and therapy for healthcare providers to track potential adverse interactions due to changes in patient care assets.
  4. INTEGRATING THIRD-PARTY e-PRESCRIBING VENDORS:- Our comprehensive exertion of network architecture development and data migration services include third-party vendors such as CDS software, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP), and drug information databases.


Our Experience in HEALTHCARE SOFTWARE Solutions

healthcare software solution

Pertaining to saving lives and nurturing the health of patients, NxProCloud has to return up with a singular software answer to assist hospitals, power-assisted living communities, non-public clinics, home care agencies, and attention firms to manage a range of processes. such as:-

  1. Recording patient info on health events
  2. Appointment programming
  3. Sale/purchase and inventory of medical provides management
  4. Laboratory and medical instrumentation management
  5. Billing, invoicing and payments
  6. Managing medical and non-medical workers
  7. Checking the service quality at completely different levels of attention
  8. More attuned patient sensitivity
  9. Enhanced awareness for community
  10. Improved patient communication

Healthcare Software Solutions with Well-being at its Core

  1. Improved quality of care:- The software helps to improve the standard of care due to its customized features and capabilities. It includes the method of information interpretation, patient diagnosing and clinical protocols. No additional work. All the information and data is controlled with security-enabled access protocols, therefore serving to manage patients’ health records, care coordination and automatic tasks allocation to the employees.
  2. Reduced prices:- Our tending software mechanically displays data concerning the treatment and different organ (body temperature, pressure, pulse (heart rate) and respiratory rate) of the patient once required. With the utilization of paperless electronic systems, the trouble of printing out check results and knowledge isn’t needed, considerably reducing the wastage of paper.
  3. Provides patients with visual perspective:- Software permits healthcare professionals to possess an overall view of every patient. it’s a convenient and fast thanks to hunting for a patient’s history and different data on record whenever needed.
  4. Accessibility of the patient:- The software supports the patients in navigating their lives in a very useful manner. Moreover, tending suppliers will keep connected with patients simply. Not solely will they convey effectively, however they will conjointly offer the patients with the material they have.


Why Choose Us

NxProCloud is providing the best Healthcare Software service with a team of professionals. When it comes to the best  Healthcare Software service, NxProCloud is one of the best IT Company. Because We have:-

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