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Facing the Challenges

Healthcare Software

Since the last few years, healthcare software has attained great popularity among clinics and healthcare organizations. Medical software is very important to the healthcare organization since it allows healthcare providers to monitor and manage the healthcare organization and maintain the patient data.


Authorize organizations to deliver excellent healthcare services through technology.

Healthcare software is one of the most important industries worldwide and is flourishing rapidly over the last decade. New and better innovations in service,  information delivery, and care models can transform the future of healthcare. Companies doing well on giving the best possible care, but they face many other challenges in terms of enhancing the quality of care delivered, directing the operations, improving worker productivity, lowering human error and reducing the costs.

 Major challenges faced by healthcare providers are:

  • Increasing Costs of Medical Advances
  • Safety and quality of Healthcare Services
  • Demand for High-quality Healthcare
  • Increasing Budgetary Pressures
  • Compliance With Regulatory Standards
  • Managing Operational and IT Risks
  • Information Confidentiality
  • Workforce Management

Healthcare software companies have a major role to play in terms of achieving high-quality patient care, minimize the cost of care for both consumer and healthcare providers, shorten the time to deliver and receive care, and even provide high patient autonomy in healthcare solutions.


With our great years of experience in numerous technologies and healthcare domain expertise in the healthcare organization, we have authorized our customers with multiple advantages, like greater effectiveness in operations, perceptive decision making, compliance with regulatory norms, renewed consumer experience, and sustainable, patient-centric, personalized and cost-effective patient portals.

As a Healthcare Software Development Company, we’ve developed:

  • Health monitoring application to keep track of BMR, BMI etc.
  • Business intelligence solution that clarifies the time-sensitive reminders to end-users in a variety of market segments including chronic disease management and random drug and alcohol screening.


We empower healthcare organizations and professionals to enhance and
re-invent their digital capabilities to address patient needs in an efficient, collaborative and better way while complying to all healthcare standards.

  • EMR/EHR Solutions Composing an inclusive report of a patient’s medical history or going through the medical details of a patient is one of the most exhausting and time-consuming tasks. Making a treatment plan, writing down the process for the record and finally proof-reading it for mistakes are some of the other exasperating and tedious tasks that a physician has to perform. At NXpro cloud, we have the perfect healthcare software that can handle all these monotonous tasks and help you concentrate more on patient care. Our EMR software is a medical healthcare management software that can authorize you to manage your patient charts in a simple and effective manner.
    Custom electronic health record software for enhancing workflows and recording demographic information, patient vitals, chief complaint charting, evaluation etc.
  • Fitness Apps Fitness tracking mobile apps to track activities, exercise routines, weight, diabetes readings, and sleep patterns etc. integrated with wearable medical hardware and wearable technology.
  • Healthcare Information Exchange Integrating the various stakeholders involved in a patient’s health decision on a common secure and stable platform allowing efficient interaction and promoting cooperation.
  • Hospital & Practice Management Solutions Custom HIS solutions for executing patient-physician interaction, custom reporting, patient registration, resource scheduling, and MIS reports etc.
  • Telehealth Solutions Mobile apps and web portals that help the remote exchange of data between patients at home and their clinician to assist in diagnosis and monitoring.

What Makes Us The Top Healthcare Software Development Company?

NxProCloud is providing the best Healthcare software service with a team of specialist. When it comes to the most excellent Healthcare Software service, NxProCloud is one of the best IT Company.

  • Reusable Components Our library of reusable components allows us to accurately create software systems from existing software artefacts rather than building software systems from scrape. Our R&D team has developed various decoupled components exhibiting particular features that can be used across projects, thus improving overall software quality, minimizing software development costs and time to market.
  • Agile Development NXpro cloud has embraced a proven agile development methodology and DevOps deployment to minimize risk and deliver healthy applications for our clients. Our DevOps process advocates thinking of the framework as part of the application and allows for more fast and safe software release cycles.
  • Cross-Functional Teams Our cross-functional teams include professional engineers with great knowledge in different aspects of SDLC, UI/UX experts, such as business analysts, testers, developers, database engineers etc. who work in cooperation with each other to remove developmental hassles.
  • Astute experience in Healthcare Software Development We have a team of 50+ healthcare software developers having proficiency in developing more than 100 applications. Our professional engineers are well experienced with the backend, frontend and server-side technologies such as Javascript, HTML and ReactJS, and can easily handle your entire software development life-cycle with the topmost level of quality and efficiency.
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