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Facing the Challenges

Infrastructure Services

Today’s customers want seamless, instinctive and personify experiences while they’re using products and services. The digital era is forcing companies to revolutionize through technology to stay relevant. Your business must be always-on and your infrastructure must anticipate change before it happens, to act quickly and put a smile on the faces of users.NXpro is helping you get ready for the digital era, with best infrastructure services that are revolutionizing the face of enterprises. We can help your business inflate the potential of automation and a software-defined data centre (SDDC), by offering services through a business-aligned catalogue model. Business demands always keep changing—which means your infrastructure must do additionally to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Nxpro Cloud and Infrastructure Services keep your business always ready, integrates your groups and departments, powers up employee productivity, and future-proofs your organization.

IT Infrastructure

There are apparently as many definitions of IT Infrastructure as there are IT organizations.IT infrastructure consists of the software, equipment, systems and services used in common across an organization, regardless of program/mission/project. IT Infrastructure also serves as the foundation upon which project/program/mission definite systems and capabilities are built.

Infrastructural requirements of the IT Companies

Superior IT Companies of India can be identified by huge, well-constructed buildings, situated in significant locations, and comprising splendid campuses. Besides the common infrastructures requirements in all industries, IT companies also require the following exclusionary infrastructures:

  • Latest high-end machines that are able to support all sorts of hardware and software.
  • Server
  • Router
  • Latest software that should be updated from time to time
  • Skilled professionals with suitable training aids
  • Skilled and active manpower
  • Sound network and security policies


  • Cloud cost managementNXpro helps you handle and manage your cloud spending by its Cloud Cost Analytics & Optimization Services. Our infrastructure services provide you with very important insight into your assets and their relationships across every environment. When you move workloads in the Cloud, you need a mechanism to track your expenses while you are scaling. Our Cloud Cost Analytics & Optimization Services makes it simple to manage and amend your cloud spends across multiple cloud vendors.
    Partnering with NXpro enables businesses to manage multiple cloud accounts and obtain the following benefits:

    1. Quick ROI
    2. Noise reduction
    3. Automated execution
    4. Budget alerts
  • Cloud discovery & assessment Our Assessment and Discovery services have zero impact on the production environment and offer an inclusive inventory covering all the implemented technologies. With our agentless discovery approach, the customers get to know the best of all worlds. Our solutions include a grouping of the application stack and getting complete requirements of workloads in the stacks, business case calculation and more.
  • Cloud migration Organizations universally are seeking opportunities to handle and manage their data with a higher degree of availability and scalability while bringing in cost-effectiveness and raised ease of use. NXpro has established a proven track record of partnering with clients in their cloud journey, helping clients shift their workloads to their target cloud platforms.
  • Cloud services Cloud cost management is the best way to increase savings while simultaneously optimizing output. Clients partner with NXpro to advantage our on-demand, customizable and scalable cloud solutions – creating a corresponding output-savings balance using industry-standard cloud resources.
  • Manages services Clients partner with NXpro cloud for an automated and standardized process that ensures accuracy and flawlessness. We help clients meet the challenge of aligning IT with business authorization by shifting to a hybrid IT using managed services.
  • Workplace services Clients partner with NXpro cloud for a reserved and standardized environment at the workplace that assures the highest productivity, with a custom-built experience for end users.NXpro cloud transforms workplace environments into high-performance and high-functioning platforms that customers rely on to grow in the new dynamic.

NXpro’s infrastructure services portfolio includes :

NXpro’s portfolio of Infrastructure services contains an adequate spectrum of End-User Services, Cybersecurity Services and Cloud Services, Service unification offerings, —and all services are arranged to work in sequence with each other, not just separately Our exclusive approach to Infrastructure Services connects solutions, services and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the IT supply chain.

Gain the adjustment of function and technology needed to enable digital transformation through NXpro’s top-tier infrastructure management, design and support services.

  1. Services to help you contest and lead through the transformation of how you accept new business technologies
  2. Enhancing the delivery of your business services (internal or managed, on-premise or cloud infrastructure services)

Emerging technologies have changed the IT infrastructure view across organizations and domains. To maintain market and retain their competing edge, organizations need to improve bequest infrastructure to rejuvenate enterprise functioning and ultimately boost profitableness. NXpro’s infrastructure services portfolio can help organizations establish and modernize process across complex IT landscapes.

Our infrastructure services include:

  • IT service desk
  • End user support
  • Data centre consolidation and hosting
  • Database services
  • Enterprise systems & network management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Project management and governance
  • Virtualization solutions (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix)

Why choose our infrastructure services?

Digital interference has come to companies of all types and sizes, in every industry. But what divides those who are doing the “disrupting” and acquiring new business advantages—from those who are being “disrupted” and dropping behind?

It comes down to your capability to assassinate the transformation strategy you have conceived. Whether you are advancing your move to cloud services, radically enhancing the user experience, forming transformative new capabilities and economies through service integration, or exploring innovative ways of working and cooperation, the growth and success of your transformation agenda determine your ability to achieve the opportunities of the digital age.

NXpro is the best partner that puts it all together so you can boldly expedite your transformation journey confidently.

  • Comprehensive, capabilities , flexible engagement.
  • Industrialized approach.
  • More than 2500+ project launched
  • Transformation without mind-bending complexity.
  • Sector-specific expertise.
  • Business and strategic perspective.
  • Strong independent partners.
  • Support for both traditional and transitional IT.
  • A constant stream of innovation.
  • Global scale.
  • Proven results.

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