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Linux Admin Services

NXpro brings many years of experience in providing reliable Linux Administration services and solutions for individuals and companies. We offer a broad variety of support and administration contracts ranging from enterprise-class administration to single per incident projects and outsourcing in Linux server network management.<br /> We provide technical support services and expert installation on all major Linux distributions including Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora or Ubuntu. We are specialist at Linux disaster recovery and we have good experience in solving all types of Linux and network related problems. We will work with your organization to provide a cost-effective and expert solution to any Linux related need. We provide the best Linux Administration services.


Our company provides support to fulfil your needs for implementing, designing and maintaining Linux systems, and with powerful ties to the Linux Open Source development community, NXpro has clearly acknowledged as the Linux server maintenance leader and good Linux administration services provider. We are a One Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization.By using Linux and Open Source we provide cost-effective business ready solutions on services and subscription model. Whether you require contracted unlimited support services or hourly support services whether your servers are hosted with third parties or are located in your office, you’ll receive exceptional server support at all times.

Best Linux Technical Support

Our Linux administration services are offered over a range of nix-based platforms, including most common variants of Linux (such as Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and others), as well as FreeBSD.

We are able to provide you best Linux administration services with high-quality performance with real cost savings.We provide the best Linux Techincal support:

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring of your Linux Systems
  • Installation and Configuration Linux Systems
  • Software and Hardware Fault Diagnosis
  • Linux Server Virtualization based on Xen or KVM
  • Integration of Linux into your Active Directory
  • Planning and Installing
  • Deploying
  • Training
  • Managing

Description of Services

Here is the description of Linux Administration services


NXpro cloud should be engaged as early as possible in the project planning cycle to provide input to hardware specification and capacity requirements when new hardware is to be deployed.Security planning, changes to data classification, architectural analysis, application dependency analysis and project management that requires assist between multiple groups, are not part of core systems administrative services. If additional planning services are needed, the client should work with their designated Business Partner to get a suggestion with estimated costs and timelines, as these would be considered project-based services.

 2.Installation and Deployment

Our Linux administration services provider company is responsible for:

  • Configuring and Installing operating system software and associated updates or patches.
  • Installing and verifying all power, rack and cabling requests have been completed in a satisfactory way.
  • configuring application software per special arrangement with a customer.
  • Performing standard installation verification activities Executing application installation commands that require special rights.
  • Requesting and ensuring suitable backup and system firewall templates have been applied.
  • Installing systems and configuration management tools.
  • Setting up basic monitoring probes (disk, load, swap, ping), as well as any application-specific monitoring probes per agreement with the customer.
  • Configure backups as required by the client.

3.Ongoing Support

Our company will:

  • Respond to monitoring alerts and customer-reported problems. During non-business hours support will be provided when either the operating system, hardware or infrastructure software is unavailable or the ability to use these resources is harshly degraded.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve system-related problems
  • Monitor vendor resources for any required operating system upgrades
  • Monitor vendor resources for any required hardware upgrades
  • Monitor for file system intrusion (intrusion detection)
  • Manage hardware warranties

Support requests that fall outside of normal operations will be inspected on a case-by-case basis and may incur extra costs. Only vendor-supported versions of the application software or operating system will be maintained.  Customers should work in partnership with the systems administration team to plan for upgrades when vendors announce that supported versions of software are being taken out from support services.


NXpro cloud performs regular network security system scans. Any high-risk security exposure discovered by this (or other) process will be addressed as soon as possible and handled via Urgent or Emergency Change Management Request. Warnings of security will also be addressed via Urgent Change Management Requests.

5.Monitoring and Alerting

The health of a server is to examine via the system monitoring tool, Nagios. Checks for Tomcat, Web and other ports or services are not included in the fundamental service but are available as by arrangement with the customer. Frequencies and beginning of monitoring checks are set according to industry best practices. Changes to the frequency or threshold of a monitoring check will be taken a special request and may incur additional costs.

Monitoring may be suspended for a time during maintenance activities or to eliminate wrong positive alerts.


There are various sources of systems documentation that customer can refer to for information. Detailed configuration information about every host is available via request.

7.Responsibility Matrix

The Responsibility Matrix indicates whether NXpro cloud or the client is ultimately responsible for performing the filed task. In a case where there are check marks (✓) in both columns, both the client and NXpro must equivalent their efforts to make sure the successful completion of the task. It is not the intent of any Responsibility Matrix to certainly define every process, function or task performed as a condenser function.

Linux administration services include

Our Linux administration services include:

●     Remote server administration ●     System troubleshooting & debugging
●     File & directory services, NFS ●     SAMBA deployment & configuration
●     Network management (LAN/WAN/Switch) ●     Kernel rebuilds & module management
●     Security auditing & hardening ●     Software installation & configuration
●     Shell / Python Scripting ●     Performance tuning
●     MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle install & management ●     DNS with Linux Bind9
●     Security auditing & updating