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Magento: E-commerce Software

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform built-in PHP, which helps the developer to create eCommerce websites. It was released on 31st March 2008, by Varien and grown on the platform of Zend Framework. The platform authorizes online businesses to stretchy shopping cart system as well as control over the performances, content, and view of their online stores.

It is one of the best e-commerce platforms that are available today as it gives and promotes:

  • Powerful marketing,
  • Catalogue management tools, and
  • Search engine optimization.

Magento has 3 versions:

      • Magento Community Edition that is free,
      • Magento Enterprise Edition that is paid,
      • Magento Go that is paid and hosted on Magento’s server,
      • And the Community Edition is the most famous compared to all. They have their own large community that is effective and supports their user community and own developer.

Navigating the Future

There are some basic features of Magento:

      • Product management:with many images, a favourites list, optional comment reviews products, and inventory.
      • Category management: easy to get and choose products by category.
      • Inventory management: management of products left in stock, import, export.
      • Client account: account status, preferred catalogue, transaction history, address, shopping cart.
      • Customer service: enhance the features, customer contact form; the comprehensive follow-up, email service.
      • Order Management Payments methods: Various payment methods support for external payment modules like eBay, CyberSource, eWAY and more.
      • Search technology: quick, friendly, support search on Google SiteMap
      • International support: multi-lingual and monetary
      • Promotional and marketing tools: promotions, coupons and more.
      • Analyze and report: Combine with the Google Analytics service and give multiple reports.

Why Magento is better than other e-commerce software?

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world with the following features :

  • Flexible and Open Source Software Consumer demand and behaviour is changing every day. Today’s bleeding edge modernization will be tomorrow’s table stakes. Magento gives you the flexibility to customize and expand your platform to create exclusive, differentiated brand knowledge. Adapt quickly, and stay forward to changing consumer buying patterns.
  • An Army of Innovators No IT team in the world can sustain the changing aspect of commerce. With Magento, you get a large number of innovators at your disposal. That’s a whole ecosystem of developers working hard to place you ahead of the game and your competition.
  • The Most Customizable eCommerce Platform The Magento Marketplace is the world’s best and most flexible offering of customized and tested extensions. The marketplace offers the most recent best practice extensions to make larger your store’s features any way you want.
  • Expert Implementation Partners Magento is greater than just a product or platform. The Magento Solution Partner Program provides authorized and well-trained experts to help you get to market fast, sell more and create astonishing customer experiences.
  • Boost Online Selling, Shrink Costs On average, an operator using Magento grow 3 times faster than those on competitive platforms. They also appreciate a 50 per cent reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. The Magento Advantage is – sell more, save more and do it quickly or faster.

Breakthrough to Excellence

Benefits of using Magento

For individuals and business who want to enlarge a long-term professional e-commerce site, you should take Magento as a priority. It is considered the most excellent open source to create an online store.<br /> The important thing is if you want to give the best online shopping experience for your customers. Magento gives you the full control to look, functionality and feel of your site by offering an inclusive tool.

      • MultistoreOperate various shops on one interface with different currencies, languages and tax rates.
      • Flexible Pricing Decide product prices by customer group. Extra options include flexible shipping costs and bulk prices.
      • Simple AdministrationControl and manage various webshops on one, clearly arranged dashboard to increase efficiency.
      • Optimal UXShop content is accurately arranged in the navigation, which automatically improves the UX.
      • SEOThe integrated site- and search engine optimization allows you to enhance your shop
      • Elaborate CatalogingEvery product is assigned a different ID number, thus making it simple to find products in the system – even those that are short in the stock
      • Versatile Sales ToolsMagento is further than a shop system – it is also a sophisticated tool for sales and marketing.
      • Flexible Shop DesignCustomize templates and designs to meet your needs; maintain content through the integrated CMS.
      • ReportingOptimize your offer with accurate reports about your shop. From buying to unfinished transactions to find queries from your customers.
        1. Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins
        2. Open source technology that offers scalable, flexible eCommerce solutions
        3. Adequate and cost sensitive program
        4. Allows for various promotions and discounts during check-out
        5. Provides more than 50 payment gateways.

Navigating the Future

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