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Network Infrastructure Services

In today's ever challenging and growing business world, a business’s network is the key to success. Our company is dominant in providing Network Infrastructure Services to clients. These services are extensively appreciated by the clients for promptness, timely delivered, trustworthiness, hassle-free management and flexibility. Selecting the right service provider to support your network infrastructure is essential to the success of your business. We take pride in placing network infrastructure solutions for the customer's needs before all else. We aim to provide the highest quality of support, which our customers have come to expect from us. Network Infrastructure Services are provided with the help of good experts, professionals, who understand the different need of clients and provide the solution as per their need and requirement. These services are demanded all over the country. If you have a plan to deploy new or emerging technologies or if you are looking to upgrade/optimize your network, look no further, as we can help you. By using hybrid vendor technologies we specialize in designing networks and have already successfully deployed many of these solutions.

Our network infrastructure services include

 NXpro’s Network Infrastructure Services team helps clients conceive and architect their network with the highest service level agreement possible.

  • LAN, WAN, and wireless services
  • High-speed backbone designs
  • Load balancing, switch architecture & design
  • MPLS design, deployment & support.


NXpro identifies customer needs, helps architect solutions, implements those solutions, and provides best ongoing support.

Our Network Infrastructure Services Group works with enterprise-level networks as well as data centre-related networks to support fundamental applications and connectivity. The Network Infrastructure Services Group communicate with your whole company in a hand – on approach to help you understand the significance of a strong network.


  • Wireless networks for enterprise
  • Edge services for enterprise
  • Mobile edge networks: connectivity, security, increasing redundancies, and more
  • Software networking solution Juniper contrail
  • Software networking solutions from Cisco ACI
  • Software networking solutions from Vmware NSX


Our managed Network Infrastructure Services offers you full peace of mind when it comes to your IT infrastructure and desktop support. With our IT experts & professionals teams, we assure that your network and users are working at capacity without the problem of daily IT issues!.

Active Directory Management – created user accounts on your network may be intensely long, irksome and at risk of error, particularly during a broad, advanced Windows network. we tend to focus on managing these tasks for you

  • Network DS & DHCP – The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) services are the lifeblood of your network. Without reliable DHCP and  DNS, critical applications including web services, e-mail, ERP, CRM and VoIP cannot function. We make it a priority to manage and monitor this valuable module of your network.
  • Patch Management – To make positive that your computer systems are updated with the most recent patches could be a vital function of your IT management plan. At NXpro we’ll monitor and apply the patches for you whereas developing best practices to manage the risks related to the approval and preparation of patches – making certain continuity and integrity of your systems.
  • VPN & Remote Access – Most organizations enable their users and workers to figure remotely or log in to their systems from a distant location. Managing this phase of your network is important to make sure safe and secure information transmissions.
  • User Group Management – A user group is a group of user accounts that all have similar security rights within your network. Keeping control of security rights on your network is significant to establish access rights to various systems and data sets.
  • Branch Office VPN Tunnels – Speed is always a factor on a network and directing the bandwidth being used is equally significant to this task.
  • Virtual Server Management – Virtual servers require intricate management to make sure proper server applications and administration.


When your network isn’t operating, you aren’t either. Network downtime may be a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue every minute. That’s why the NXpro Network Infrastructure Services practice group architects secure resilient networks that minimize downtime to stay your revenue supply running and your business online. The NXpro Network Infrastructure Services practice group handles 3 varieties of projects:

  • Network Infrastructure Refresh We do whatever it takes to get our clients networks to a place that fulfils current business demands. In a network refresh, we reuse or modify a network infrastructure design so that it operates at the best level.
  • Network Infrastructure custom build There are various services we can provide with a custom build. These typically include a move from one office to the next by designing a brand new environment for your network, reducing transition risks. NXpro also architect unified communications solutions.
  • Network Infrastructure for service providers A third efficiency of the Network Infrastructure Services Practice Group is helping service providers improve and secure their networks.


  • Our Expertise At NXpro cloud we provide our customer with the highest levels of concentration and care. We give our best in searching for the most effective solutions for our clients. Our long list of associates makes sure that whatever solution you may need we can provide it with the best prices and support options that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Our Engineers Our brilliant network engineers have years of experience in each aspect of network infrastructure. Having successfully designed and deployed network solutions in very large corporations, as well as small businesses, Our Network infrastructure services is the right fit for your company regardless of your size.